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Customs has a huge influence with overseas shipping of parcels. Particular parcel rates do apply with Duty Taxes, possible quarantines and other added rates. These rates do vary depending on what country customers are shipping to and from. Customers should be prepared for questioning from Customs agents in proving ownership of items in the package as well as when the items were purchased. parcel rates can advise you on your options when dealing with these shipping matters.

Customers will be happy that there is no GST (Goods and Services Tax) applied to packages going to and from Australia. parcel rates from the group company of Baggage freight advises that where no GST is applied to packages, there is however, a fee involved with other types of shipments. Make sure you ask customer service about avoiding particular fees if possible

Parcel rates offers security and reimbursement of your items, which become damaged or lost. For an additional shipping fee, insurance coverage is offered to customers if their packages are damaged due to the fault of the company. You want the security of knowing your packages are unharmed as well as reimbursement in case of accidents.

Obtaining a price quote for your freight shipping needs proves easy with parcel rates Simply log onto the website and click on “price quotes”. Customers need to know the description of their items being shipped and where they are going. The company will need to know the length and width of your items in centimeters. Customers should also know the value of what they are shipping. Parcel rates are applicable in accordance with the weight of customer’s packages.

Customers can pack and wrap their own packages. Packaging material is available for customers for any type shipping needs. Packaging materials can be purchased online at parcel rates with fast delivery time for your convenience. If customers are shipping items that are fragile, purchase-packaging material designed to protect fragile items. Customers should package their fragile items cautiously when utilizing overseas freight services. Do not overstuff your packages for this can cause damage to packages.

Customers should be informed on what type of items can or cannot be allow as airfreight when shipping overseas. Every day items, which customers use on a daily basis, can prove to be dangerous goods while being transported by airplanes overseas. parcel rates can guide on the list of items, which are not allowed on airfreight services. Shipping customers have to sign a freight consignment note, which will be the customer’s way of stating that they have not packaged dangerous goods in their packages.

Paperwork will be provided to shipping customers so they can list all the items, which they have packed. This list should be detailed in full of each item in the package being shipped overseas. Do not leave anything out because international freight services need accurate packing lists for each package in their freight. The more accurate your packing list is, the faster your package will clear customs while arriving to its final destination

Parcel rates ensures that your package will arrive to its final destination. Special delivery options are available for customers with special delivery needs. If you need a package delivered to someone’s home or place of work, this is not a problem with the specialized delivery service.

Customers have the option of tracking their shipments no matter the final destination. Confirmation can be given as well as each stop of the shipment on the way. Mobile phone, email and text messaging can be utilized for confirmation of delivery. Parcel rates from the group company offers many confirmation tactics to suit the needs of overseas freight shipping customers.

Many people ask the popular question of how long shipping times are for their packages. Shipping times vary while greatly depending on the size of packages and where the packages are going. Shipping times also vary in accordance to what method of freight shipping is utilized. Parcel rates offers a variety of shipping plans with a variety of transport options for your packages.

Security concerns are ever increasing and have forced revamping the ways shipping companies do business. Parcel rates adheres to all federal rules and regulations of governments. In Australia, the Department of Transport regulates international freight services while maintaining high security standards set forth to protect its citizens.

Customers sending freight shipments to Australia utilizing airfreight services are expected to provide identification with picture and signature when registering consignment. Failure to perform this task could result in your packages not making it into Australia.

Customs Agents inspect all packages entering into Australia with airfreight services. These agents reserve the right to open all packages entering into their country. You do not have to be present for the packages to be opened and inspected. This is why parcel rates highly recommends that their customers adhere to the rules and regulations when shipping freight overseas.

Parcel rates from the company group of Baggage freight understands that security is everyone’s responsibility, which is why they ensure their customers are informed of all security and safety regulations when shipping freight overseas. Sometimes the security rules and regulations of any country can prove quite frustrating for shipping customers. Customers should contact the website and educate themselves on all pertinent paper required for Customs.

Parcel rates accepts various forms of payments for freight shipping services. All major credit cards are accepted along with bankcards. Customers will receive confirmation numbers for their financial transactions, which are made on secure web pages for customer’s security and convenience.